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At the same time also the tone of skin vessels changes. At fall of temperature of environment there is a reflex narrowing of vessels. To skin, therefore, inflows less blood, and the thermolysis decreases. If ambient temperature increases, blood vessels extend and allocation of heat increases.

The reformer of antique medicine Hippocrates was the hot supporter of use in the improving purposes of rubdowns, washings and cold bathtubs. Ideas found it distribution in works of scientific other countries. In Asia, for example, the great scientist, the philosopher and Ibn Xing's doctor (Avitsenn adhered to Hippocrates's views.

Scientific novelty is defined by the main results. It is shown that at an exact dosage the natural factors described below increase immunity and efficiency of the person, reduce influence of stressful situations.

Then cooling is followed by expansion of skin vessels, reddening of skin which becomes warm (the second stage). At moderate coolings the face, hands and other open parts of a body can stay a long time in such state. The person thus does not feel action of cold.

At some types of emotions (fear, alarm, rage) heat production and a thermolysis sharply increase. Cold sweat, goosebumps on skin - typical signs of thermoregulatory reactions at emotional excitement.

The energy emitted by the person in days develops of three sizes: energy of the main exchange, the raised exchange at meal and, at last, the energy which is formed as a result of intellectual and physical activity.

At the person who is at rest noticeable sweating begins when temperature of skin increases to 37 °C. Sweating considerably amplifies at hard and long muscular work.

By drawing up a daily routine it is especially important to determine terms and duration of active and passive recreation. In particular, allow certain time to improving occupations and trainings. In the course of systematic occupations by physical exercises not only health becomes stronger, but also the health and mood improve, there is a feeling of cheerfulness, cheerfulness.

At hard muscular work overheating of an organism, apparently, has to come even quicker. During the moderate work production of heat, for example, increases by 2-3 times, and at intense physical exercises when big groups of muscles are involved in work, - at 10-20 times. In 10 min. similar work body temperature could increase to 42 °C. However the critical situation does not arise as along with strengthening of formation of heat also its expense increases.

Summarizing scientific data on use of natural factors of the nature, the physiologist A. P. noted that is possible. to. opredelit a hardening of the person as a special case of the training directed to improvement of ability of an organism to perform the work connected with increase of firmness of the fabrics in relation to action of adverse effects.

At the low ambient temperature and lack of muscular work of sweating usually does not occur. Meanwhile evaporation from a skin surface nevertheless takes place because a small amount of liquid constantly gets through skin outside.

Indispensable composed health - a balanced diet. It provides the person with energy and substances of which the organism is under construction and which regulate exchange processes. It is counted that in 70 years of life of people eats about 8 t of bakery products, 11-12 t of potatoes, 6-7 t of meat and fish, 10-12 thousand eggs and drink 10-14 thousand liters of milk! And it spends about 6 years of life for process of food!

Heat generation for the person - the most important way of support of constancy of body temperature. Continuous course of exchange processes in an organism is followed by formation of heat. The emitted energy can be expressed in terms of thermal energy - kilocalories (kcal) or kilojoules (kJ).

Concept of constancy of body temperature of the person as show researches, to a certain extent relatively. For example, open sites of skin at a low temperature are cooled quicker, than closed. And here temperature of the closed sites of a body and an internal at fluctuations of temperature of air practically does not change.