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Took group of people and subjected to influence by air, water, temperature and the sun. Through a certain period they observed the changes in those systems of an organism or bodies which underwent a hardening

These and other properties of air streams need to be considered at a hardening. In wet and windy weather, for example, stay duration on air needs to be reduced. And at an air movement speed in the open air in general it is better not to carry out over 3 m in a second of procedure to a rain, fog.

The subsequent stage of a hardening air - air bathtubs at a temperature of 5-10 °C, up to 15-20 min. During their reception surely carry out physical exercises or a laborious work. As for cold bathtubs, they can be accepted by only well tempered people and only after medical inspection. Duration of such bathtubs should not exceed 5-10 min.

At a hardening air do not bring yourself to a fever at all. As soon as feel cooling of a body, make jog, do some all-developing exercises. Cold air bathtubs are recommended to be finished vigorous grinding of a body, whenever possible - a warm shower.

Well long stay in the fresh air influences resistance of an organism to weather conditions (besides air bathtubs). Special value is got in this regard by tourism, campaigns on mushrooms and berries, fishing, long walks, sports and sports occupations in the fresh air. And, of course, it is absolutely necessary to air carefully the room, where do you live, and the room in which work.

Impact of air bathtubs on the person can be estimated by amount of heat given by an organism to environment during procedures. Thus the quantity of the calories given with 1 m of a surface of skin is considered.

The first signs of a heatstroke - the general weakness, sluggish gait, apathy, drowsiness, weight in feet, dizziness and a headache, flashing and darkening in eyes, thirst, nausea and vomiting. Along with it plentiful sweating, temperature increase of a body, increase of pulse and breath are noted. At a sunstroke slow temperature increase of a body and the phenomena acting into the forefront from the central nervous system are observed.

Choosing a place for reception of solar bathtubs, by all means consider this circumstance. For example, if to take a solar bath on the svezhevskopanny earth, the general influence of sunshine will be about 10% less, than at a solar bathtub on a grass. At the same time on a grass the effect of influence is twice less, than on sand.