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liver in the form of a glycogen also goes for formation of fat. At a lack of carbohydrates the glycogen is spent, fats and a protein of a body collapse. If the shortcoming is felt long time, it causes weakness of muscles, passivity, appetite loss, decrease in body temperature in birds.

Externally under the influence of domestication of a quail much less, than hens, but they have big live weight and more expressed meat forms, than their wild ancestors. The main changes, a domestikation and the long-term directed, happened in their egg efficiency.

Are used in an organism of a bird for an of thermal and mechanical energy and adjournment of fat in fabrics as spare substance. They are a part of protoplasm of cages of a live organism. With fat fat-soluble come to an organism of a bird. In an organism fats form 2,2 times more energy, than the quantity of proteins, same on weight, or carbohydrates. Surplus of fat is postponed under skin, in fabric and about an internal.