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As it became clear, the memory mechanism Sh. Byl is based on eydetichesky sight which at it was especially well developed. After single visual perception of material Sh. As if continued it to see. It was capable to restore a vision, later many time, even in some years.

Scope of individual distinctions of memory of the person is very great a case given memories are observed not only at mnemist of professionals, but also musicians, commanders and in general persons of the most various professions.

Freud paid much attention to the analysis of mechanisms of a zabyvaniye which meet in everyday life. He wrote that one of widespread mechanisms consists in violation of the course of thought, force of internal dough; proceeding from something forced out. He claimed that in a zabyvaniye the motive of unwillingness to remember lies.

Even in usual groups of people individual distinctions of memory are considerable. These distinctions carry quantitative and qualitative characteristics. What nature of these distinctions and than they are caused, knacks or properties of a human brain or substantially is a product of systematic trainings or elaboration of expedient methods of storing.

The practical importance of this work is defined by possibility of use of the obtained data and conclusions in practice: in educational institutions for improvement of assimilation of knowledge by children of various age and increase of efficiency of storing of a training material.

Sometimes in order that it is better for one person to remember material it is necessary to read it t. to during the storing and reproduction it that is easier to lean on a visual memory to another easier to rely on acoustical memory and acoustic images.

The suppressed majority of these researches it is directed on calculation of how change efficiency of storing its volume with age, the speed, duration of keeping of the learned material, i.e. the quantitative and qualitative party of processes.

For this reason in the provision on coincidence of properties of a fast zaucheniye and a fast zabyvaniye, and slow learning and a slow zabyvaniye it is necessary to bring the reservation. T.k among other is and also which slowly learn and quickly forget, and presented with very good memory, quickly learn and slowly forget.

So, for example, verbally – logical memory on knowledge in a speech form, logical schemes, mathematical symbolics of the person with well developed this type of memory easily remembers words of idea, logical designs. The remembered material often does not cause visual associations, such person easily remembers surnames, names and middle names. But figurative identification of model is carried out with big efforts. The verbal type of memory is connected with mentality of the person inclined to philosophical generalizations and theoretical reasonings.