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Seven hacks for grad school

Paint them with oil paints. And brushes of the master do of a tail of a squirrel. Such brushes can do both very thin and wide dabs. Khokhloma patterns put with a brush without preliminary portrayal of an ornament a pencil. Every time of the master is created by marvelous patterns, the ornament never repeats in accuracy, each option – new improvisation. There should not be no incorrect movement, differently everything should be begun anew.

In a Khokhloma list red and black colors are combined with background gold. Sometimes they are supplemented green, brown, yellow and orange. The golden background is the leader. Bright-red paint gives warmth to a golden background, and black color shades its gloss. As red paint use cinnabar, and black – usual soot.

The child was born at the peasant. And it will decorate his first simple shirt with an embroidery in the form of a straight line of bright, joyful color. It is the direct and light road on which there has to be her child. Let this road will be for it happy and joyful. An embroidery on clothes, its symbolical patterns connected the person with the world of the nature surrounding him, kind and angry, well familiar and always new to it. "Language" of these symbols was clear to people, they felt its poetry and beauty.

It was accepted to spin and to embroider in hours, free from all other works. Usually girls gathered in any log hut and sat down at work. Here guys came. Often they brought with themselves a balalaika and a peculiar youth evening turned out. Girls worked and sang songs, chastushkas, told fairy tales or simply carried on the recovered conversation.

These nice things, embroideries, ancient drawings of fabric and lace continue to please us as they are still convenient and pleasant. They bring feeling of pleasure and a cosiness, conviviality and house heat in our life. Probably, it occurs because the true beauty is not afraid of test time." (L.